If you can’t reach us we will reach you, we provide various catering services in addition to our fine dining-in experience … We can cater for anything from a simple order to large scale functions, dinners and lunch with fine food and drinks.

With our catering service we provide you the best in the way you require, you can select from the large range of items and create your menu for the catering service.

You ask and We deliver!!!

Morning and Afternoon Tea

Option 1 : $8.00/ person
Mini Sweet or Savoury Scone
Mini Sweet or Savoury Muffin
Slice or Fresh Fruit
Option 2 : $11.00 / person

Mixture of Savouries
Club Sandwich
Fresh Fruit and Slices Platter


Option 1 : $12.00/ person
Mini Croissants
Mini Savoury Pies
Fresh Fruit and Slices Platter
Option 2 : $14.00 / person
Mini Wraps
Assorted Savouries
Filled Bap
Sweet and Fresh Fruit Platter
Option 3 : $18.00 / person
Turkish Bread Sandwich Stack or Filled Baps
Finger Food:
Fish Goujons
Chicken Tartlet
Falafel Patties
Sweet and Fruit Platter


Option 1 : Sea Food Platter $15 per person
Crumbed Fish Bites
Prawn Twister
Crumbed Scallops
Calamari or Seafood Mornay Vol au vants
Option 2 : Asian Platter $15 per person
Cocktail Spring Rolls
Thai Fish Cakes
Thai Chicken Wonton Cups
Option 3 : Anti Pesto Board $13 per person
Mixture of Cheeses
Spiced Nuts
Option 4 : Fruit Platter $13 per person
Assorted Slices
Fruit Kebabs or Fresh Fruit served with
Yoghurt or Chocolate Dip
Hot Platter of Nibbles: $15 per person
Cranberry Chicken Tartlets or Bacon and Egg Tartlets
Spanakopita served with Tarzeki
Mini Thai Chicken or Beef Skewers served with Aioli
Falafel Patties or Fish Gourjons served with Aioli
and Sweet Chilli Sauce